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Delft Guided Tours is an organization, that is arranging walks through the historic city of Delft. You can make every tour fit to your wishes by direct communication with an experienced guide by contacting us.

To make up your mind a little bit, you can choose among other things:

  • Historic city walk with attention to the founding, history and famous persons of Delft through the centuries.

  • Orange city walk with attention to William of Orange who lived and was murdered in Delft during the freedom war against Spain.

  • VOC city walk with attention to the United Dutch East India Company (VOC), the first multi national company which was contributing to the Golden Age in Holland.

  • Vermeer city walk with attention to the places where the famous painter Johannes Vermeer was living and working. If you have read the book or seen the film Girl with a pearl earring, you must at least make Vermeer a part of your city walk. There is a good combination possible with the historic city walk.

  • Visit to the New Church where the Royal Family has their family grave. Also the very nice renaissance sepulchral monument of William of Orange is an object you must have seen.

  • Eighty Year War with which the Republic of the Netherlands was founded. The history of Delft has a strong relationship with the founding of the Netherlands. A visit to the Army Museum is part of this tour.

TBruggetje achter de Nieuwe Kerk / Bridge behind the New Churchhese are just a few examples. We can make a tour fit to your interest. The presentation is dependent of the wishes of your group and can be held entertainingly or seriously. For an indication of the price see tariff.

If you want to request a tour, please fill in a form or contact us.

Do you want to have more information about the possibilities, fill in a form or contact us.



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